1. Recap of Day 6:

    The younger candidates, both girls and boys, started this eventful day early with classical class on stage, already in full make-up and headdress: they were gearing up to show their variations in front of the jury and members of the public that morning. Every single candidate got to perform their classical and contemporary choices once, while the jury marked. 

    After the pre-selections finished at around 5 pm, the suspense began as everyone waited around for the finalists to be announced. At 7pm CET, 20 names went up on the screen in the warm-up area backstage. The Prix, however, continues for all candidates: aside from those who are performing in tomorrow’s finals, which includes an interlude performance by Houston Ballet II (the company was delighted when they learned that colleague Joel Woellner had made the finals), networking classes for all non-finalists start early in the morning. Company and school directors from all over the world have come to scout the talent here… One thing is for sure: tomorrow might be truly life changing for some of these hopefuls!

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